Top 5 Cloud storage apps for Android

Everyone is expecting everything to come handy with less effort. Companies are giving much importance to cloud storage or cloud servers that could help you to access your files from anyplace, anytime. It is more like carrying hundreds of GBs of information with you virtually. They help you to save some local storage space as well.

Here we’ve created a listing of top five Cloud storage apps for Android smartphones, which you can use at no cost.

Google Drive

Google Drive is pre-installed on all Android devices. In case, it’s not found on your device, download it from the play store for free. We could call it as the best cloud storage app for Android users with no regrets because, they provide the highest free cloud storage limit compared to their competitors. You’ve got an option to upgrade it to 100GB or 1TB at a low price. However, the 15GB free cloud storage would be enough for an average Android user. You’ll be able to save anything you can imagine, from regular MS docs, excel sheets to Adobe illustrators, Photoshops.

Microsoft Onedrive

Personally, I use Onedrive as my cloud storage. This app can be found in built on all latest Windows desktops or smartphones. That does not mean you can not use it on Android. Just head over to Google play store to download the App. It is also known as Microsoft Skydrive. For every user, initial 5GB will be free, and for additional 100GB and 200GB they cost you $1.99 & $3.99 respectively. And with each office 365 subscription, users can get extra cloud storage up to 1TB which you can access on all your devices.

Amazon Cloud Drive

With similar pricing and storage limit like Onedrive, Amazon Cloud Drive is one amongst the best cloud storage app that you can install on any Android device for free of charge. If you’re already using Amazon Prime service, you can store unlimited photos and up to 5GB of documents, music, and videos on the cloud. For unlimited storage of docs, music, and video, pay $60 annually as fees. All of your backup data will be stored on secure servers integrated with private Amazon security system.


If you are simply an average guy like me who would like to save few important files on the cloud, then Dropbox is best one for you. For starters, they provide 2GB Free cloud storage with a choice to increase the limit by paying subscription fees on a monthly basis or yearly. The app has easy UI that can easily share files and supports document writing apps like Microsoft Office tools. Dropbox is on the market for all devices not only Android but Desktops too. With secure login perform, you’ll be able to synchronize files between your smartphone and computer.

Media Fire

Few of you would possibly not yet be heard regarding this app. However, in short, it’s one of the decent cloud storage app available right now. You can directly share files together with your friends, family, or even public. Also, you get 10GB as a starter for free, and to upgrade the cloud storage, the price comes in handy by costing $4.99 per yer for 1TB and $50 for enterprises or business usage.

I hope you liked this post. We have tried our best to list down top cloud storage apps for Android users. Do let us know your opinion about them within the comment section below. And keep visiting Unbuttonyourbeast for latest Technology Lists.

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